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Meet Sarah Eastman
       M.M., M.S., SLP


Sarah Eastman, is a speech-language pathologist, voice teacher, vocal pedagogue, Alexander Technique teacher, and active mezzo-soprano performing artist in art song, oratorio, opera, and musical theater in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area.


Sarah recently completed her MS in Speech-Language Pathology with a concentration in Voice Disorders from the MGH Institute of Health Professions. She recently relocated to Miami, FL where she maintains a clinical caseload as a Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellow and Singing Voice Specialist through the private practice, the Voice Rehab, LLC, seeing patients through South Florida ENT Associates and Florida Movement Therapy Center. 

Sarah has clinical training from MGH Voice Center and Boston Medical Center Voice and Swallowing Department. She is involved in voice research, recently presenting her thesis, Occupational Voice Use of Teachers, with the MGH Voice Center. This fall she will present this nationally at the Fall Voice Conference. 


Sarah has expanded her knowledge of Voice and Upper Airway Disorders by completing Level 1 Buteyko Breath training under Hadas Golan and Estill level 1&2. She is also certified in LSVT and has taken courses in Speak Out! and Manual Therapy. In addition to her knowledge of the vocal mechanism, Sarah strives to look at the person holistically by addressing the entire system starting with body alignment and posture through her certification in Alexander Technique. Sarah maintains an active singing voice studio coupled with Alexander Technique lessons for private students. 

When not engaging in voice rehabilitation or teaching, Sarah maintains an active performing schedule. Having a BM in Voice Performance from Towson University and an MM in Voice Pedagogy from The Boston Conservatory, Sarah is a classically trained mezzo-soprano. Her past teachers include Theresa Bickham, Jeremy Ragsdale, Sara Goldstein, and Dana Varga. She performs regularly as a crossover artist and Catholic cantor, and nationally in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, and the National Opera Center. 

Sarah seeks to provide training and rehabilitation to all voice users, with a focus on professional voice (singers, teachers, public speakers, etc), with the integration of mind, body, and voice. She focuses on a whole-body approach with efficiency of all subsystems to ensure one's vocal function is optimized. 

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