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In addition to her performing career, Sarah is well known for her voice teaching. Her private studio continues to grow as she showcases her passion for music and knowledge of the vocal mechanism, vocal health, and voice rehabilitation.  She teaches a wide variety of vocal styles from classical to musical theater to pop/rock. Sarah was previously on the staff at Boston Arts Academy, The Boston Conservatory’s Vocal Choral Intensive, the Metropolitan Opera Guild, Boston Lyric Opera, Boston City Singers, North Cambridge Family Opera Company, and All Newton Music School. Additionally, she pioneered the formation and directed the Scandinavian Living Center Community Choir, an assisted living center choir providing the gift of music and vocal longevity to the geriatric. 

I believe that music should be a fun and rewarding activity for all ages to enjoy. It is a means of expression and creativity that can move and inspire the audience. In my studio the student will get personal and individualized attention where they can learn in a manner that best suits them in a safe and positive environment. My lessons foster individuality, passion, and confidence, so that the student can be excited to share their voice with others. My teaching is rooted in healthy and efficient vocal technique and body integration, using methods of science and voice rehabilitation, Alexander Technique and meditation of the mind in coordination with voice instruction. I strive for each student to understand their voice and how it works, so the language I use is centered in anatomy and physiology. I focus on efficient body breathing that stems from appropriate alignment and movement. I believe it is never too late for someone to learn the fundamentals of music, so in my lessons each student will have the ability to learn the necessary tools for music literacy including pitch, rhythm, and dynamics.  Enabling students to grow as performers and be proud of their art is the most important aspect of their study of voice. While my training is in classical voice and opera, I also offer lessons in all styles.

Sarah's students have attended prestigious summer programs at NYU, released EP's and toured, and attended Berklee College of Music, Fordham University, and University of New Hampshire for Voice and Musical Theater. 

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